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STKG International Trading, Texas’s most dynamic business brokerage firm. We are a subsidiary of Erido Holdings and a sister company for 7 different companies between UAE, UK. We are a small private global investment firm committed to providing commodity business/clients with the best services that add value to their stakeholders. Our company focuses on two main fields which are the financial field and the petroleum product sales. We act as principal in some developmental investment venture and capital projects, and we are also a broker and consulting agent, representing the investment interests of our various clients.

Our mission is to be the premier investment firm, globally brokering a wide range of products & investments including but not limited to commodities, banking instrument, energy, oil & gas capital projects and petroleum products, while maintaining our integrity and the integrity of our clients/investors.

Development Opportunities

STKG acts as a consultant, or as principal in generating growth-enhancing investments mostly in the developing countries. We achieve in various ways such helping investors buy or invest in indigenous firms, real estate projects, quarry projects and much.

Our most valuable contribution does not only come by bringing in the foreign investment in the domestic settings and the creating of new job opportunities, but from the transfer of globally competitive technologies and business practices. Foreign investors we facilitate bring packages of technology, management, quality control procedures, human resource practices and experience in managing external relationships that are ultimately transferred to local firms, increasing their productivity and benefiting partners and investors Services

Our Company's Portfolio is given below:
Supply: We can supply any kind of plant/equipment and construction machinery from Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Germany, China and USA.
Trading (Import/Export): We direct relations with the best petroleum product manufacturer and traders. We can provide soft offer in 36 hours to service our customer efficiently.
Funding for Projects & Business: We can finance viable projects through our worldwide principals on nominal interest rate without any upfront fee.

STKG International Trading and Financial Services , Texas’ professional commodity brokers, and trading specialists. We are located in the Heart of Houston,
Tx and serve clients from across the vast American markets and internationally.

STKG International Trading is one of the most promising brokerage and intermediary businesses dealing in fast-selling commodities.
Having been operating as a family business for over 40 Years now, our vast market comprising thousands of clients speaks for
itself. But our experience as one reputable broker that ensures clients confidentially buy and sell privately held commodities
keeps growing.

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Advanced data gathering and analysis
Process improvement and Contract Negotiations
Vendor Relations
Inventory Management
Sales Projection
Integrated Supply Chain Management
Cost Analysis and Troubleshooting

Team Member

We are professional trading specialists, always on hand to help you buy a commodity or sell it at the right price.


With over 12 years of experience in the manufacturing, trading and brokerage business and over 5 years as a Supply Chain Engineer and Supply Chain duties, Sinan is the face behind STKG International Trading. He is the astute, devoted, punctual, and innovative president whose excellent business acumen has helped the brokerage business raise and be among the best agencies to beat in Texas.

As your preferred broker, Sinan B. Razzaq is an impeccable negotiator who is sure to get you the best deal. Ideally, he is an exemplary Supply Chain Analyst. as well as his expertise in the supplies, purchasing, and inventory management, are what you need from an ideal brokerage firm.

Sinan B. Razzaq holds bachelor’s in chemical engineering from the University of Technology, as well as Business Foundation and Supply Chain Principles from the University of Pennsylvania and Georgia Institute of Technology, respectively.

- Sinan B. Razzaq, CEO & President-
Vice President

Tressa is right behind Sinan, helping in matters of accounting and the daily running of STKG International Trading. As a graduate of Purdue University Global, she’s incredibly skilled in trading and brokerage as well. She always worked alongside Sinan B. Razzaq who doubles up as her husband. Tressa is gentle, smart and intuitive, attributes that make her an excellent broker.

- Tressa R. Razzaq, Vice-President -

With over 35 years of industrial experience in the United States and the global market, I would be happy to provide you with consultation in various areas of business including medium to low voltage electrical power systems, heavy manufacturing controls systems, industrial construction management, capital investment strategies and commodity trading.
Allen is a graduate of University of Louisville with master of electrical engineering certificate. Procter & Gamble, ALCOA Aluminum, Anhaeuser Busch, Weyerhaeuser Paper, Bechtel Chemical/Exxon, Bechtel Nuclear Power have been past clients for engineering consultation services in over $750 M project applications globally.
Email :

- Anooshah Allen Nasserizafar, P.E. ---CONSULTANT SERVICES,Petroleum Product Sales Director-

A senior financial adviser with 25 years of financial advisory and project management. A Bachelor degree in Business administration. A private financial advisor in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. A private banking investment coordinator. A director of Zaher Abdul Ukhwah office – General trading / Iraq. A manager / partner. Manager / partner of Al Janaen Mill Flour / Babylon – Iraq. Manager / Partner of Zaher Tiles Factory / Babylon / Iraq. Manager / Partner of Zaher Rice Factories Babylon/ Iraq.

- Ali AlKhafaji, Financial Director-

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